Toiganbayev Beglan

Chairman of the Management Board

From an early age he knew that he would work in aviation - he grew up in a house next to the airport. He started his career as an Aircraft and Engines Engineer. 

Today, being one of the best specialists in Kazakhstan, he continues to improve his skills and knowledge and duly performs assigned duties.

Charles de Mannoury

Director of Flight Operations Department

The work experience of Mr. de Mannoury is more than four decades. As a pilot, he has over 11,000 hours of flying time on airplanes and helicopters

 without a single incident. His invaluable aviation experience, knowledge of international standards and professional approach to flight operations make a great contribution to the Air Company development. 

Martin G. Soares Yoplack

Technical Director

In 1991, Mr. Soares Yoplack was rewarded with a degree of Master of Technical Sciences at the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. 

His work experience is calculated for decades in the leading positions in air companies that serve the oil and gas sector.  

Goran Pesic

Head of Logistics Section, Business Development Department

Mr. Pesic had worked for many years in the system of European Customs, until he received an offer to become a Manager of a Global Distribution Centre Heli-One in the Netherlands.

 He has experience in the best helicopter companies in the world, 5 continents, 20 countries and hundreds of interesting projects. 

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